Joel Davidson is an Edinburgh based artist. His work investigates themes of class, masculinity, and neo-medievalism. Working predominately through painting and sculpture. Graduated from Glasgow School of Art (2020) with a BA in Sculpture and Environmental art. 

Within my work, I attempt to draw parallels between class, masculinity, and status using influences that range from GREGGS pastries to historical paintings. My work manifests in quasi-figurative sculptures that blend the grotesque, the bodily, and the absurd. Recently, my predominantly sculptural practice has focused on illusionistic ways of working, producing works that momentarily cause confusion in the viewer.

This is achieved through realistic sculpting and casting processes with detailed paint applications, re-creating recognisable objects that relate both to my class background and everyday surroundings.

Sometimes, the sculptures deliberately expose the processes used to make them, setting up a paradox or contradiction between representation and the deceptive aspects of my practice.

The installation of works intentionally plays with context and expectation, which sometimes might make the work seem ephemeral, incongruous, or alien to gallery spaces.

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