I am a multi-disciplinary artist and musician based in London, working with computer generated and stop-motion animation, installation, kinetic sculpture and performance. 

In 2019 – 2020 myself and a collaborator, Lars Schmidt, held monthly sessions at the CCA: Glasgow, which involved improvised performance and open discussions with a focus on ecology. A 2020 graduate from the Glasgow School of Art, I have recently completed my first solo show, Everything Put Together Falls Apart, Bristol. I am a jazz musician and improvisor and have performed regularly with a sextet and trio in London and Glasgow. 

In a recent body of work, I have used animated charcoal drawing in combination with virtual reality. I want to emphasise bodies – the body of the canvas, the participant’s body, as well the body of the artist in order to frustrate the cartesian ontologies embedded within virtual reality. My current work is rooted in my experience of living in London. Particularly, I am responding to the continual processes of construction and destruction that shape the city. I am using film, performance, interactive animation, and kinetic sculpture. 
I use sonically resonant objects that are found in construction sites. Using motors, contact mics and Arduinos, I hope to create situations in which the audience can experience the latent agency and ‘livingness’ of these instrumentalized materials. A counter-part to this quasi-magical belief is the inhumane reality of social cleansing and the desire to create “investment grade space”.