Chandelle Waugh is a Scottish visual artist, currently studying a Masters in Sculpture at the Glasgow School of Art. Her autobiographical practice follows themes of mental health and the female experience.

What drives my desire to create work is having something to say, a need to create an understanding of being a woman. To highlight the awful experiences, the shit we don’t talk about, the late-night breakdowns, the mental health issues we acquire through childhood, the fucking abortions we’re forced to have and the guys we leached onto who hurt us because we just needed to be wanted. I want to show the god damn strength we have, the shit we’re put through and how we don’t let it defeat us we let ourselves fucking flourish. But in no way does it make it fucking right, but we’re growing up through this society together and that’s what I want. A connection, a relationship. I crave it. I am a mother, an artist.