My artist name is Jimson Weed. Apparently in Primary 1 I told my teacher that I didn’t need to learn the alphabet as I was going to be an artist. I am now very grateful that I did learn the alphabet, especially as text has become an integral feature in my art. I am interested in all kinds of relationships; relationships with the ‘self’, with others, and with the world. The way in which mental health, psychology and spirituality affect these relationships with the ‘self’, with other people and all of nature drives me and inspires me to create.

I am in the process of recognising detrimental patterns and self-sabotaging behaviours. Making art about unhealthy habits is helping me channel that energy in a more positive direction and helping me get over the fear of making a mark. Inspired by phrases like ‘getting back on the horse’ and ‘I fell off the wagon’ I have been using collage, sculpture and drawing to explore this discordant habit of self-improvement and its enemy: celebrating small victories a little too hard. Exploring through art why I have a feeling of friction when it comes to creating is helping me smooth out that friction itself. I like to work with materials intuitively using bold shapes and colours, and attempt to marry the exuberance of the outside world with the intricacies of the mind. To me a healthy mind helps create a healthy world and vice versa.


Work in Progress – Jimson Weed Maze Sculpture Project

I fell off the wagon then the horse bucked me then I got back in the saddle and burned the candle at both ends then it all came together but I pushed the boat out and I got stuck in a rut now I’m getting back on track but it’s a double-edged sword.

I am working on a sculpture of a mini maze, that will hopefully spell out words if all goes to plan. I love playing with words, and 3D materials so it has been a lot of fun so far. I also love mazes and the puzzling entertainment they can create. The image of a maze came to mind when thinking about the work we do as people when trying to make positive changes in our life. Reflecting on the self can feel like navigating a maze. Sometimes it feels affirming and other times it’s too overwhelming on the mind and body and you need a break.

Recently I felt like I was trapped in a maze, encountering many dead ends and obstacles. While navigating the maze I got stuck in a rut. From the beginning of 2021 I knew deep down that I acted on certain behaviours that were not taking me closer to the life I wanted to live, but still, my external actions were still not matching up with my inner desires. This led to the repetitive pattern of waiting for life to begin, having phrases loop and loop in my head, of moving 1 step forward and 2 steps back. And the feeling of frustration that came with knowing what I wanted and knowing theoretically how to get out the rut but still doing the complete opposite, as I watched on in disbelief, a passenger.