Joe Habben is a photographer, filmmaker and artist based between Glasgow and Brighton, UK. He graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2020 with a First Class BA (Hons) in Communication Design: Photography. 

Joe’s practice explores human intervention, globalisation, social issues, public space and the climate crisis. An image from his ongoing project: ‘In Moleca’ recently won the Earth Photo 2020: ‘A Climate of Change’ category. He has since been published by the likes of VICE, The Guardian, Creative Review, British Journal of Photography, BBC News and National Geographic. 

Exploring the converging and contesting elements found between urban inhabitants and the environment, Joe’s work seeks to investigate and question our relationship with the natural world. 

Recurring motifs and patterns among humans and nature are frequent in Joe’s images which seek to convey opposing themes such as familiarity/unfamiliarity, stillness/movement and harmony/disparity. By highlighting this subject matter, Joe seeks to encourage more conversations and debates around our interdependent relationship with the environment in light of the climate crisis. 

To view more of Joe’s work or to get in touch, please visit his website.