Joe O’Brien is an artist and photographer currently working in Glasgow. Recent exhibitions include The Alternative Degree Show Festival 2021 and the 2021 International Landscape Exhibition online for The Glasgow Gallery of Photography. His work has also been featured in Landescape Art Magazine’s Special 2021 edition. His project Withdrawn was in Pupilsphere’s top 9 most viewed projects of 2020 and his work was selected by Nicola Shipley for Source Magazine’s Graduate 2020 edition.

I try to share my emotions from a certain time and place through photography, video and writing. Life itself compels me to create. Exploring the World is an investment of my time and energy. I want these experiences to be felt when seeing my work. Whether in the city or in nature I look for inner peace by searching for glimmers of joy. I want to find sense in the World to bring simple pleasures to life.

Moon and Kite IV, 2021
Close I, 2020
Glimmer II, 2021
In Nature’s Bliss, 2020

Work in Progress

Formation II, 2021