Lisa Gavienas is a sculptor/artist based in Glasgow who likes to explore personal themes; the body, rejection, love and imagination. Often using text as a way to work through ideas quickly, never doubting the initial thought process. Tending to view every piece created as a rough draft for a bigger idea and avoiding giving in to iconography. Influenced by a wide range of schools of thought but always leaning into Critical Theory, Intersectional Feminism, Marxism and Liberalism. Attempting to navigate the ‘art bubble’ with a sense of humour whilst remaining true to myself, however absurd and contrived this notion may seem.

Everything I create started off as an idea in a state of consciousness, often helped and hindered by external factors and people. After re-visiting Stow College in the month of July to gain access to my old studio, which has been in storage for a year now, I was astonished at the collection of plinths I had created during my time in art education. I decided it would be beneficial to my practice & its evolving nature to re-engage with my materials and continue where I had left art one year ago. This was interesting as I had developed so much as a person in this space of time. Art school wasn’t all I thought it would be which informs my ways of thinking. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to attend; however, my time there has led me to believe that at its worst, art school resembles a grade pushing institution representative of modern capitalist Britain, in spite of the undoubtedly insightful knowledge I gained during my tenure there.