Molly Lindsay (born 1996 in Scotland) Communication and Design: Photography. Her work often explores the boundaries between painting and photography, and recently moving image. Influenced by feminist art history and literature her images explore a new visual language for female experiences of fear and desire using red lines.

Uses of the Erotic; Audre Lorde’s eponymous essay was the catalyst for this project. Red lines take the form of contact sheet edits, re-applied to prints suggestive of the beginning of a much wider exploration.

Responding to Linda Nochlin’s analysis of Edgar Degas, I developed the work using gum bichromate to convey care and tenderness through the skin on skin contact within the process, also allowing the addition of colour in line with the red contact-sheet theme.

The red line continues into Traces where it is seen as an intervention drawn into the Scottish Highlands. Red markings likened to hunting tracks allude to fears of being followed.

Drawing from cinematic qualities within these photographs I undertook the audio-visual collaboration Reclamation, incorporating the haunting semiotics of red into a folk-horror story.

Work in Progress