Rachy McEwan is an artist based at Box Hub studios in Glasgow, Scotland. She studied her Bachelor of Fine Art: Painting and Printmaking at The Glasgow School of Art, graduating in 2020 with a First Class. Rachy is currently working as the Social media Coordinator for SIAG (Sustainability in Action Group) at Glasgow School of Art. She also is the Curator and events manager at Box Hub studios.

Working with a range of media, that provokes all senses – visual, auditory and olfaction – Rachy juxtaposes the natural environment with man-made worlds. Investigating the artificial and natural systems that question the contemporaneous and intimate relationships between nature, the body and technology and their co-existence within environmental disturbance. The work considers science fiction’s radical disregard for plausibility and its determination to subvert conventional notions of the real as a tool of knowledge production, scientific and technological research is filtered through a semi-fictional lens, creating the conditions to view it from a more palpable perspective. The work is largely grounded in objective research but is equally aware of its subjective interpretations and similarly contemplates those of the viewer. Questioning what constitutes what it means to be an autonomous individual. Rachy confronts the confusion in the concept of identity and forces us to question where one organism stops and another begins.