Sam M Harley (b. 1997) is a practicing artist and curator based in Glasgow. She graduated in 2020 from the Painting and Printmaking department at The Glasgow School of Art, being the winner the Visual Arts Scotland top graduates and the Royal Scottish Academy’s New Contemporaries award. She will graduate with a Masters in Curatorial Practice later this year where her focus is on inclusion within the arts and everyday materials.

Harley’s practice explores the idea of thingness and how the art object and the typical object function alongside each other. She uses a variety of paints and mixed medias to create a juxposition between thickness and textures. It is important that medium is pushed to its extreme and there is a tension between the traditional high-fi nature of the paint and the low-fi everyday objects.

Plastic Pipes, mixed media on plastic, 60x100cm, 2020
Notice Me, mixed media on plastic, 60x80cm, 2021
Leather Seat, mixed media on leather, 60x60cm, 2021
Meeting Room Plastic, mixed media on plastic, 1.5×1.8m, 2020
High Performance Pedestal 2, mixed media on canvas, 20x15cm, 2020

Work in Progress