Born in Capetown, I immigrated to the UK at the age of 12. Having lived in a variety of places, I look to take influence from cultural, environmental and lingual differences. I have been based in Glasgow since 2015. In 2021 I graduated from the Glasgow School of Art, MDes sound for the moving image. I regularly find myself collaborating with artists both locally and internationally and intend to continue developing my practice of collaboration.

I am a multi-media artist working in the mediums of sound, audiovisual and spatial sculpture. I create work using location recorded sound, video, found objects and synthesised sources. My practice explores the relationship between perception and the self, capturing what it means to notice something. Influenced by rapid visual collage, musique concrète, electronic music production and journalism, I focus on recontextualising the world around us and challenging our predefined notions of what ‘things’ are and where they ‘should’ belong.

Is a beavers dam natural
It will bring the mice in
Personal Expanded Field

Work in Progress: Collaboration with Christian Alexandru – Popa